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anna + emily | same-sex engagement session at the saguaro hotel and windmills in palm springs

Some people just exude joy and life and happiness and love. Meet Emily and Anna. They are those type of people. They're my type of people.

When Emily reached out to me and said they wanted to do their part of their engagement session in Palm Springs, I was so freakin' excited! We messaged back and forth for months, discussing different location options. When they decided that they wanted to do part of their session at The Saguaro Hotel AND then the other part at the windmills, I was like, "Okay. I'm there!" We continued messaging back and forth, talking about different outfit ideas and freaking out about how hot it was going to be.

Then, came the day of their session. I checked into my room at The Saguaro Hotel, and texted them to head on over. They came in, and it immediately felt like I was hanging out with old friends. They freshened up (since they'd been hanging out in the heat) and then we went back out into the 110 degree heat to CREATE. 👏🏻 SOME. 👏🏻 COLORFUL. 👏🏻 MAGIC. 👏🏻

If you've never been to The Saguaro Hotel, it's a little oasis of colorfulness and fun in the middle of the desert. It provided the perfect backdrop for some fun, carefree, we're-madly-in-love-and-we-don't-care-who-knows photos!

We then headed back to the hotel room, changed outfits, cooled off, drank a ton of Gatorade, and then hopped in the car to head to the windmills. This was my first time shooting at the windmills, and oh my gosh...I fell in love. There's just something about the way the sun sets behind the rolling hills that sit behind the windmills. It was just absolutely perfect.


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