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same-sex styled elopement on a dry lake bed in joshua tree

Life has very often brought beautiful people in front of my camera. But, on some occasions, God has simultaneously brought beautiful people into my heart. Cheesy, cheesy ... I know. But, come on. I've got your attention!

Jessica and Gabriella are the type of people that you are just dying to be friends with. They radiate love and joy and positivity and are as real as real gets. And, I'm just so incredibly thankful that they trusted me — every single weird and unsure step of the way!

Jessica and Gabriella met me at the Airbnb I was staying at, and I drove them to the location I had found the day before. It was literally in the middle of nowhere in Joshua Tree. We had to drive down this long, desolate road, then turned onto a dirt road that was full of bumps and giant potholes. There was a random, rundown house with tons of trucks parked outside of it. We kept on driving until we were in the middle of this dry lake bed. They probably thought I was trying to go Breaking Bad on them or something!

We got out of the car, and the wind was INSANE.

But, we came to make beautiful photos and beautiful photos we made!

Thank you to everyone who collaborated on this shoot to make it happen:

FLORIST — Iris & Barry Blooms

JUMPSUIT — Mon Amie Bridal Salon

RINGS — Dea Dia

MODELS — Jessica & Gabriella

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