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holland + peyton | an italian-inspired elopement

Have you ever stumbled upon a place that instantly transported you to another world? That's exactly what happened to me when I discovered this hidden gem in Laguna Beach. The moment I set foot in this enchanting spot, it felt like I'd been whisked away to the heart of Italy. Naturally, I couldn't resist the opportunity to turn it into the backdrop for a photoshoot with the sweetest couple, Holland and Peyton.

The result of our day in Laguna Beach was a collection of photographs that genuinely transport you to Italy. The images are filled with warmth, love, and a touch of old-world romance. The golden hues of the surroundings and the intimate moments between Holland and Peyton make it feel as though you've stepped into a Mediterranean dream.

Location is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to your photoshoot. It can dictate the mood, evoke particular vibes, and lend that coveted European essence to your images. You don't need to jet off to Europe for that delightful Mediterranean feel. Here are a few insider tips on choosing the right location and outfits to infuse a touch of Europe into your local photoshoot:


Your photoshoot location can set the scene and define the ambiance. Look for places that echo European aesthetics. Coastal spots like Laguna Beach often mimic the cliffside views of the Amalfi Coast or the shores of Greece. Search for areas with cobblestone streets, rustic buildings, or vibrant gardens that replicate that European charm.


Selecting the right attire is crucial. Consider flowing dresses, linen ensembles, or chic formal wear that resonates with the European vibe. Colors and patterns can also help; pastels, neutrals, or even a touch of florals can add that Mediterranean flair.


Opt for a late afternoon or early morning shoot to capture that dreamy, golden-hour lighting, which often resembles the romantic sunsets of the Mediterranean. Lighting can significantly contribute to the desired effect of European-inspired photos.


Consulting and collaborating with your photographer can make a substantial difference. Discuss your vision and let them aid in curating that European-inspired look.

So, if you're yearning for the Mediterranean vibe but can't hop on a plane just yet, your dream photoshoot is entirely achievable in your local area. If you're interested in creating that vision with me, get in touch here!

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