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matt + alida | glam rooftop elopement

I photographed Matt and Alida's engagement session at Thousand Steps Beach earlier this year. I immediately fell in love with them and their carefree spirits (and their gorgeousness!). When Alida reached out to me again and asked if I would do a little photoshoot with them to commemorate their marriage, I was so excited! They were going to have a small, civil ceremony with their families, but they wanted to do a fun shoot to mark this exciting time in their lives. And, they were using the money they'd spend on a wedding to take a trip to Italy ... WHAT A DREAM!

We headed to the top level of this parking structure in Downtown Santa Ana, and it was the perfect backdrop for that glam rooftop vibe. As soon as I drove up to the top floor, I spotted this old Chevrolet El Camino parked in the corner. My heart skipped a beat as I immediately envisioned it for their photos. But, of course, I wanted to make sure they liked it. As soon as I saw Matt and Alida, they said, "Did you see that old car!?" They had the same vision as me! And, I was so excited to snap a few photos in front of this beauty.


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