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For some, their element is their place of residence. For others, it is somewhere out in nature. For others still, it could be some hip Airbnb. Wherever your element, let's meet there and capture the beautiful moments that life has to offer.

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What does an In Your Element session look like?

It’s basically just hanging out together! I will guide your loved ones and you by giving different prompts and activities to get that natural, candid feel. It won’t be super pose-y, but I will definitely guide you through the shoot. 

we can take photos in different areas of your space. If you like cooking together, get messy in the kitchen. If you like snuggling, get cozy in the bedroom. If you’re happy chilling on the sofa, let’s capture that. 

If your element is your home,

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we’ll meet up at a starting point and explore together. We’ll walk around and can capture moments at any spots you like and/or any areas I think would make for awesome photos. 

If your element is out in nature,

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 If your element is hanging out   in some trendy Airbnb,

I’ll meet you there, and we can take advantage of that gorgeous space without having to stress about getting your home photo-ready. 

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