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Before you book me as your photographer, I want to make sure that we're the best possible fit for one another. I want to be the milk to your cookies, the Kanye to your Kanye, the knees to your bees.


Basically, I want to make sure that what you envision for your wedding day is what I have to offer. So, if you're just looking for any ol' photographer to capture your day, I'm probably not the photographer for you. And, that's okay!


But, if you're looking for a laid-back, fun experience that results in authentic, natural images that scream YOU, I'm definitely your girl!

I want to capture your love in all of it's raw, goofy, messy, joyful glory. This may result in photos where your hair isn't absolutely perfect or you smiled a little too big, and that's perfection to me. 



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Your photography experience is more than just having pretty photos to look at in the end. It's about remembering the moments that created those images. I don't want you remembering how I posed you and how awkward you felt. I want you to reminisce on how hard you laughed while you were dancing, how she kissed you gently when you were nervous, how you felt so much love for one another in that moment.


5 signs



You're a couple that's all about celebrating your love and having a wedding that's about you — not a big production for a bunch of guests. You plan on having less than fifty of your closest loved ones witness you say, "We do."


You love the great outdoors, and you're not afraid of nature — i.e. you're okay with your dress getting a little dirty, you're fine with taking photos in a field or on top of a mountain, you won't scream if a bird gets too close ... you get the point.


You're not looking for a loud, in-your-face photographer who's all about sticking to the timeline, but rather someone who is easy-going and open to whatever you envision for your special day. You want guidance, but don't want your photographer micromanaging every movement you make.


You want your photos to feel authentic and tell your actual story — not some posed, perfectly crafted screenplay of your life. You also like natural tones that are more true-to-life ... not bright and airy, but also not dark and moody ... just right in the middle!


You share my love for delicious cookies that are slightly crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle. Just kidding ... kind of.



If you're reading all this stuff about me being laid-back and my style not being super pose-y AND you're thinking, "We need guidance though. We don't know what we're doing!" I got you!

While I won't position you in crazy, contrived poses, I will guide you on exactly what to do so that you look and feel natural and at ease.

Rather than tell you things like, "Place this finger here, tilt your head 38 degrees to the left, and smile like you just smelled some good cheese," I will give you different prompts to foster genuine emotions. For example, I may tell you to tell your partner your favorite vegetables in your sexiest voice OR tell your partner what you love most about them OR make up a song about your partner while your partner dances to your song. You get the gist.

Taking photos with me is all about having fun, creating art, and remembering why you fell in love in the first place.


I only take on a limited number of intimate weddings and elopements per year. I do this so that I can fully focus on each of my clients and give them the best experience possible. I absolutely love working with my clients to plan out the details for their engagement shoot, their wedding day, and any other photos we're taking together. Scroll down to see what you can be sure to expect when working with me!

what you're guaranteed:


My clients have dubbed me the "Queen of Comfort" for a reason! It is so important to me that you feel at ease in front of the camera. Most of my clients are worried that they won't know what to do or how to pose. No need to fear! That's my job. I will guide you with different prompts to get you moving naturally, laughing out loud, and just loving up on each other. Other than creating beautiful images, my goal is for you to have a good time.


I am here to help you, and not just on the day of your shoot. Need help picking out outfits? I got you. Need vendor recommendations? Look no further. Not sure where to elope? Let's explore together. Need help eating all the cookies you just baked? I'm your girl! I am honestly here for every step of the way. You can seriously ask me anything!


I don't just show nice photos on my website and then deliver a bunch of mediocre images to you. I literally go through and individually edit each and every photo from your shoot. I don't just add a filter to everything and call it a day. If you want to see a full gallery of any type of shoot, just ask. I'll happily share several with you. I've got nothing to hide!

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Your skin tone is beautiful. Whether you have more of a peaches-and-cream complexion, are fair-skinned with cool undertones, or are blessed with lots of melanin, your pigmentation is gorgeous.


You're not going to enjoy and share your photos if you're looking like a Cheeto in every single image. You deserve photos in which your complexion is true to life. I promise to my clients that your skin tone will be accurately represented in your photos.

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